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Product Information


Length 3/4" - 2"
Wire 16 Gauge
Finish Galvanized
Quantity 7,500 - 10,500/Carton
Part # Length Wire Crown Finish #/Carton
404068 3/4" 16 Gauge 15/16" Galvanized 9,000
404069 7/8" 16 Gauge 15/16" Galvanized 9,000
404070 1" 16 Gauge 15/16" Galvanized 9,000
404071 1 1/4" 16 Gauge 15/16" Galvanized 9,000
0T2855 1 1/2" 16 Gauge 15/16" Galvanized 10,500
650098 1 3/4" 16 Gauge 15/16" Galvanized 9,000
403471 2" 16 Gauge 15/16" Galvanized 7,500

Product Documentation

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How do I order a part online?

Genuine Paslode replacement parts, tune up kits, accessories, and repair service can be purchased online at itwconstructionparts.com.

Does Paslode manufacture Stainless Steel fasteners?

No, Paslode does not manufacture stainless steel 30 degree fasteners. You may do a search on a search engine, such as Google, typing in “30 degree stainless steel fasteners”.

Does Paslode offer a full head nail?

Yes, Paslode manufactures coil nails which are full round head nails and Roundrive; strip nails that are full offset head nails. Paslode’s patented Roundrive; fasteners are designed to work with our 30 Degree framing nailers, both the Pneumatic 30 Degree Framing nailer and the Cordless 30 Degree nailer. Fasteners can be purchased through our retail and distribution channels. To find a Paslode dealer click the ‘Where to Buy’ tab on the top of the Paslode homepage.

What are the shear and pullout strengths of Paslode fasteners?

The ES Report-1539 contains information on the shear and pullout strengths of Paslode fasteners. A copy of the report is located here: ESR-1539.pdf.

Can I use Paslode Hot Dipped Galvanized nails in ACQ treated lumber?

Paslode Hot Dipped Galvanized and Paslode Galvanized Positive Placement Metal Connector Nails meet the ASTM A153 Class D specifications (1 oz/ft2 of zinc coverage) for use in ACQ treated lumber.

Can I use Paslode galvanized finish nails in an exterior application?

Paslode finish nails are electro-galvanized. They should not be used in cedar, redwood or treated lumber. If they are going to be used in pine then they should be countersunk and the heads should be caulked over.

How do I find a Paslode Authorized Service Center?

To locate your nearest service location, click on “Service and Retail Locator" at the top of the page and then enter your zip code.  Paslode recommends that tools needing service be repaired through your local Factory Authorized Service Network.