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Press Release: PaslodeĀ® Celebrates 50 Years as the Driving Force in Pneumatic Nailing

Company Launches Commemorative Nailer, Looks Back at Major Milestones and Announces End-User Sweepstakes & Dealer Events

VERNON HILLS, IL – May 19, 2014 – Over 50 years ago, Paslode transformed the construction industry with a product that made contractors more productive than ever before: the world’s first pneumatic framing nailer. Prior to this game-changing industry innovation, framing contractors did their work with hammers, nails and plenty of elbow grease. The introduction of the first pneumatic framing nailer revolutionized how new homes are built by significantly decreasing construction time, reducing jobsite fatigue and boosting profitability.

To kick-off the year-long celebration of this major milestone, Paslode is introducing a commemorative 50th
Anniversary Special Edition Pneumatic Framing Nailer. Boasting Paslode’s signature orange hue, this Special Edition Framing Nailer has a bold appearance that matches its standout performance and the jobsite durability that users expect from Paslode. Combined with Paslode’s RounDrive® Framing Nails or Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails, the 50th Anniversary Special Edition Framing Nailer helps boosts productivity by minimizing downtime and rework.

Adding to the excitement of the anniversary, Paslode is launching a sweepstakes that offers monthly drawings for free Paslode tools through December 2014. Starting this summer, professional framers will have the opportunity to enter online as well as on-site at dealer locations and winners will be announced monthly. In addition, Paslode will host dealer events throughout the year to celebrate the 50th anniversary first-hand with industry partners. The events, which kick off in early summer, will feature giveaways, promotions, product showcases and drawings for free Paslode tools. More details about the sweepstakes and a schedule of dealer events will be announced.

Since the notable introduction of the pneumatic framing nailer, Paslode has made numerous advancements and
industry innovations, engineered with customers’ needs in mind. Below are just a few of the brand’s breakthrough introductions:

Paslode: Nailing it for 50 Years

  • 1964 – Paslode unveiled the first full range pneumatic framing nailer: the Stallion SN-312. With the ability to drive a full head 16d common nail (3 ½ x .162), the system allowed contractors to move away from the traditional hammer and nails approach to power fastening, dramatically improving productivity and greatly reducing the time it takes to build new homes. The system’s nails were packaged in convenient compact cartridges with up to 200 nails, and the tool weighed 11.5 pounds.
  • 1973 – The powerful, rugged and easy to repair Paslode Charger SK-312 quickly became the premier power nailer in the industry. Weighing in at 9.7 pounds, this workhorse was adopted by contractors during the housing boom of 1973, when over two million new homes were built in the United States.
  • 1978 – Paslode PL™ Paper Tape, a revolutionary new patented collation tape for framing nails, was introduced, leading to fewer jams, greater reliability and improved productivity for contractors.
  • 1994 – Paslode launched its RounDrive® Full Round Head 30° Nails, which delivered better drive performance in harder materials (vs. clipped head nails). Fully code approved, the fasteners made it easier for building inspectors to identify high quality framing work.
  • 1995 – Paslode redefined metal connector installation with the innovative Positive Placement® Metal Connector Fastening System. The system allowed contractors to install metal hardware three times faster than hand nailing, making it the industry’s most productive solution. Its probing tip easily targeted metal strap holes, saving significant time and costs.
  • 1996 – Paslode once again advanced pneumatic framing with the launch of the F-350S PowerMasterPlus™ pneumatic framing nailer. The PowerMaster Plus offered the best combination of power, comfort, features and durability, making it an instant hit with contractors. Weighing in at 7.9 pounds, this nailer, together with Paslode RounDrive® nails, provided the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry, allowing users to nail any type of lumber all day, including engineered wood. The curved handle design and two finger trigger made the tool comfortable to use, even when wearing gloves, while the easily adjustable work contact element ensured the proper depth of drive for any application. The PowerMaster Plus would go on to prove its legendary reliability and durability for years to come, setting a new standard in pneumatic framing.
  • 2004 – Paslode developed its Hot Dipped Galvanized collated nails for ACQ and other pressure treated lumber. Proven time and again to be the highest quality Hot Dipped Galvanized nails in the industry, these fully code-compliant fasteners offer superior corrosion resistance and structural integrity for exterior applications like decks and wooden porches.
  • 2010 – Paslode introduced the TetraGrip™ Sub-Floor Fastening System. This breakthrough solution eliminates the age-old problem of subfloor nail squeaks. This system not only increases homeowner satisfaction but also reduces builders’ warranty costs as well as time and complexity associated with subfloor installation thanks to a one-step fastening process. The TetraGrip system, including a specialized pneumatic nailer and a patented barb-threaded fastener, drives like a nail and holds like a screw. The TetraGrip Sub-Floor Fastening System earned the first and only “No Nail Squeak” certification from Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly NAHB Research Center).
  • 2013 – Paslode’s Next Generation RounDrive® Framing Nails hit the market. Independently tested to improve fastener penetration by up to 40 percent and designed to increase holding power for more secure fastening, these high-performing nails provide contractors with peace of mind in quality of workmanship.
  • 2014 – To celebrate 50 years of pneumatic framing advancements, Paslode is launching a special commemorative edition framing nailer, now available through Paslode STAFDA channel partners.

“Over the years, Paslode has helped revolutionize how new homes are built through innovations in pneumatic and cordless fastening systems, but we didn’t do it alone. Without the strong relationships we’ve built, we could not have enjoyed 50 years of success,” said Steve Golich, Marketing Manager, Paslode. “Contractors are not our customers, they’re our partners. We’re still going strong after five decades because we listen to their input and work to meet their need for increased productivity. Our partners’ success has been the driving force behind Paslode innovation for half a century, and it always will be as we continue to drive change for the better in how new homes are built.”

For more information about Paslode and its new 50th Anniversary Special Edition Framing Nailer and complete line of fasteners, visit www.paslode.com.

About Paslode

Paslode, a division of Illinois Tool Works (NYSE: ITW), is the premiere manufacturer of innovative fastening solutions and services. For over 75 years, professional contractors, remodelers and specialty tradesmen serving the residential construction market have relied on Paslode products to drive worksite efficiency, customer satisfaction and business results. As the pioneer of fuel powered cordless tool technology and patented fastener technology, Paslode continues to deliver a broad range of performance proven, high quality fastening solutions through major home improvement retailers, STAFDA distributors and dealers.