Brite 30˚ Framing Nails

Framing System Nails

Superior drive that helps ensure fewer jams and more nailing.

Our industry leading nails are designed and manufactured to match the specs of Paslode nailers so your nailer will run smooth, with fewer misfires and jams while driving flush, even into the toughest materials.

Brite 30˚ Framing Nails

Improved drive performance means less reloading.

  • Reinforced round head design for better drive performance in the hardest materials
  • 10% more nails per strip means less reloading
  • Rigid and compact strips are more durable and easier to handle


Compact Framing Nailer

Compact Framing Nailer

Remodel interiors easier. Lightest weight framer ever.

  • Remodel Interiors Easier
  • First pneumatic nailer made especially with remodeler’s needs in mind
  • Lightest-framing nailer ever made: 5.9 lbs
  • Fits easily into the tightest spaces such as between 16” o.c. studs
  • Great maneuverability to work comfortably overhead

PowerMaster Plus™ 30° Framing Nailer

PowerMaster Plus™ 30° Framing Nailer

Frame full walls faster. Heavy duty power.

Reliable performance that saves time with less maintenance.

  • Durable construction requires less maintenance.
  • Proven performer for tough job site work with less jams or misfires
  • Compact size fits between 16″ o.c. studs, joists and rafters.

  • Building code compliant, approved per ICC ES-3072
  • Compatible with most clipped head nailers
  • Also available in Fuel + Nail Combo Packs
  • Paper tape collation for no debris applications
  • Bonds with wood fibers increasing the holding power
Length2" - 3 1/2"
Diameter.113 - .131
Shank TypeSmooth, Ring
FinishBrite, Heat Treated
Quantity2,500 - 5,500/Carton

RounDrive® 30° Framing Nails - Brite

Part #LengthDiameterShankFinish#/Carton
6502372 3/8" .113Smooth Brite5,000
6502382 3/8" .113RingBrite5,000
405253 2 1/2".131SmoothBrite3,000
6508363" .120SmoothBrite2,500
6508303" .131Smooth Brite2,500
6508393 1/4" .131SmoothBrite 2,500

Clipped Head 30° Framing Nails - Brite

Part #LengthDiameterShankFinish#/Carton
4015482 1/4".113 SmoothHeat Treated 4,000
0979692 3/4".120SmoothBrite3,500
0979702 3/4" .120 Ring Brite 3,500
0979733" .120 RingBrite3,000
0979783 1/4" .131 Ring Brite2,500
097987 3 1/2".131 SmoothBrite2,500