16 Ga Wide 15/16″ Crown Stapler

Pneumatic Framing System Stapler

The NEW Paslode 16ga Wide Crown Stapler is built for professional framers with speed and power that will increase jobsite productivity by allowing you to work quickly, never having to pull out your hammer to finish off staples. This durable stapler will hold up to any jobsite conditions or high volume industrial usage.

16 Ga Wide 15/16″ Crown Stapler

Built to last for the professional framer.

  • Speed – Up to 10 staples per second keeps up with any application
  • Power – Drives staples flush in all materials
  • Durability – Heavy Duty All-Metal Magazine Design


16 Ga Galvanized Wide Crown (15/16″) Staples

16 Ga Galvanized Wide Crown (15/16″) Staples

Superior holding power and protection

  • Wider crown for superior holding power
  • Galvanized protection

  • Durable all-metal magazine for long-lasting life
  • U-Shaped driver blade to decrease slipping to ensure complete drive with every shot
  • Tool-Free adjustable depth of drive for consistency when driving into any material
  • Tool-Free jam clearance
  • Adjustable steel utility hook that easily hangs over 2×4 for convenient storage when needing both hands
  • Adjustable depth of drive for easy adjustments
  • Small rounded nose – Easy mobility to shoot quickly and accurately
  • Adjustable exhaust valve – Quickly swivel to ensure dust and debris blow away from you


  • Pneumatic Lubricating Oil
  • Safety glasses
  • Owner’s manual


Part #515800
Weight5.9 lbs.
Staple Capacity150 (2 strip)
Staple Range3/4" - 2", Wide 15/16"
Staple Type16 Gauge - Smooth, Galvanized
Op. Pres. p.s.i (bar)80-120 p.s.i.
Warranty1-Year Full Warranty; 5 Year Limited Warranty