Short Yellow Trim Fuel Cell

Short Yellow Trim Fuel Cell

  • Maximum Performance for Paslode's Fuel Powered Cordless Finish and Brad Nailers
  • Patented 2-step cap to prevent fuel waste
  • Ready to use when cap is snapped from front-to-back
  • Check bottom of cell for "Best-Used-Before" date
  • For use with Paslode or other Fuel Powered Cordless finish nailers

Part #



4 pack


0.64 oz.


Short Yellow

Max. Shelf life:

21 months (from date of manufacture)

# of shots:

1,200 nails (approx.)

For use with:

#900600 Paslode Fuel Powered Cordless 16 ga. Angled Finish Nailers
#902000 Paslode Fuel Powered Cordless 16 ga. Straight Finish Nailers
#901000 Paslode Fuel Powered Cordless 18 ga. Brad Nailers

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Short Yellow Fuel


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Product Reviews

Nail gun is great. These fuel cells are easily found on AMAZON.
— Anonymous
is their any way to convert the new lion to the old gas tanks
— Anonymous

— Anonymous
where can i buy this? i cant even find it online. please tell me
— Anonymous
The new yellow fuel cells are not available in the U.K. nor in Europe. Very difficult to find someone who will post these to either location. Dennis Building contractor
— Anonymous
Please be careful when using the fuel cells. People are saying that the cells don't last as long as they should but I found that a big problem with them going prematurely is when the cell comes out of a cold environment. If the cell is not first warmed up in your hands or kept in a warm place before use they will not work. You may get a few nails out of it but then it is shot. So if you are having this problem in a cold environment just warm the cells first by holding them for a minuet or two before use. It does go over the proper operating temp in the book. I also found a big problem with the universal cells. I get one nail out of them and then have to open the nail gun to readjust the cell to get another nail. I need to readjust after every nail. Why change something that was working fine? Now all Lowes and Home Depot sells is the universal cells. I now need to go online to order. Thant sucks.
— Anonymous
— Anonymous
The new paslode fuel cell w/ the orange top will not work in all trim nail guns, like it says on the box. Will work in all paslode nail guns. NO IT DOES NOT. Fastener works great with the wright fuel cells.
— Anonymous
Agree with everyone else that cells are hard to find. Paslode should sell these directly to customers through the web. That way we could get fresh cells when needed. Nailer works great when cell fresh.
— Anonymous
Very hard item to find in stores
— Anonymous
I am having the same problem as mentioned above. The cells don't always work even before the Best use Date. I am having to go several stores for the best date on the cells. The box of cells are expensive $45.00 for three cells. When nailer is working, it does a great job. No question about its performance, but the cells could use a better fuel system.
— Anonymous
These cells are non-functional several months prior to the "Best use before Date". Will not recommend this fastening system to my associates.
— Anonymous

— Anonymous

— Anonymous

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