NEW! quicklodeTM Universal Trim Fuel

NEW! quicklodeTM Universal Trim Fuel

  • Convenient: Easy to install, just load and go
  • Premium grade fuel
  • Provides a precise fuel dose for reliable drive performance
  • Universal Trim Fuel works with ALL Paslode Cordless Finish Nailers

816007 trim fuel adapter guide
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  • Fuel Cell drives approximately 1,200 nails
  • For fuel life, check the "Best Used Before" date printed on the bottom of the can


Part #



2 pack


0.53 oz.


Short Yellow

# of shots:

1,200 nails (approx.)

For use with:

#902400 Paslode 16 Ga Angled Li-ion Cordless Finish Nailer
#900600 Paslode Cordless 16 Ga Angled Finish Nailers
#902000 Paslode Cordless 16 Ga Straight Finish Nailer
#901000 Paslode Cordless 18 Ga Brad Nailer

Model #

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Product Reviews

— Anonymous

— Anonymous

— Anonymous
— Anonymous
Home Depot online and in-store carries a 2 pack 24/7. I also have been getting more shots out of these fuel cells vs. the older style.
— Anonymous
i need short yellow fuel cells for my paslode finish nailers. i was be able buy them at any homedepot but no one seems to carry them anymore unless a single cell with nails as a package. the whole situation seems so unjusted as for a business practice and for liberalism. With that being said, how can i get those fuel cells only by the boxes like i used to? Jeff Hyon /
— Anonymous

— Anonymous

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