TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening System

TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening System

The TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening System is a technological breakthrough in subfloor fastening for the residential builder. With its dedicated pneumatic coil nailer, the TetraGrip™ fastener drives like a nail and holds like a screw.

  • Eliminates subfloor nail squeaks
  • Reduces costs related to call backs
  • Increases productivity on the jobsite
  • Raises homeowner satisfaction

Chicago Innovations Awards Nominee


TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastener

  • Rotation without destruction
  • Strong Non-Destructive Wood Interaction
  • ICC-ES Recognized, ESR-3071
  • Designed to work with Paslode PF237C Pneumatic Coil Nailer

PF237C Pneumatic Coil Nailer

  • Compact design fits into tight spots
  • Designed to drive TetraGrip subfloor fasteners
  • Dual mode trigger easily switches from single or rapid cycles
  • Metal exhaust cap for maximum durability
  • Cushioned grip for all-day comfort
  • Tool-free depth of drive adjustment for instant changes to nail depth

TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastener

Part #650605
Length2 3/8"
CollationPlastic sheet coil

PF237C Pneumatic Coil Nailer

Part #503000
Nail Capacity120 nails (1 coil)
Nail Range2 3/8 x .113 only
Nail TypeTetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastener
Op. Pressure (bar)90-120 (6.2-8.3)

90-day limited on wear parts
6-month limited on magazine parts
1-year limited on housing and cap parts


To learn more about TetraGRIP, and to find ways it can save costs, improve productivity, and increase profitability, sign up for a cost analysis at http://www.paslode.com/cost-analysis/

Additional questions can be directed to Paslode Customer Service at 800-669-5228.

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Product Reviews

Nothing beats a screw, Ha you know nothing I have been gluing and screwing my floors down since the late 90s and I have never seen a product like this if you nail properly I would say this product is the best I've ever seen you will not get floor squeaks and with todays house trying to eliminate voc's how about none great for home owners and the environment . PS if you wait for glue to dry it will harden and leave a space between joist and plywood and you will create floor squeaks
— Anonymous
I thought these were glorified ring-shanks as well but after review they definitely aren't. The design of these nails allows them to twist as they go in to the floor joist sucking the plywood down with it. The teeth on the nail keep them from backing out. I would challenge anyone to try and pull one out. All that's going to happen is the head will break off. The plus to screws is that you know when you've missed since the screw head won't suck tight. Nails are more difficult to tell when you've missed.
— Anonymous
Nothing beats a screw. This is a glorified ring nail. Screw are torqued in which pulls the subfloor down towards the floor joist. If the carpenter does not adjust the preasure of his nailer properly the nail doesn't get set properly.(In production homes this happens often). This product is better than just a standard nail. The best system would be to glue and nail sufloor, and right before the finished floors go down, screw all the plywood down. This allows the subfloor time to dry, shrink and settle.
— Anonymous

— Anonymous

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