TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening System

TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening System

The TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastening System is a technological breakthrough in subfloor fastening for the residential builder. With its dedicated pneumatic coil nailer, the TetraGrip™ fastener drives like a nail and holds like a screw.

  • Eliminates subfloor nail squeaks
  • Reduces costs related to call backs
  • Increases productivity on the jobsite
  • Raises homeowner satisfaction

Chicago Innovations Awards Nominee


TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastener

  • Rotation without destruction
  • Strong Non-Destructive Wood Interaction
  • ICC-ES Recognized, ESR-3071
  • Designed to work with Paslode PF237C Pneumatic Coil Nailer

PF237C Pneumatic Coil Nailer

  • Compact design fits into tight spots
  • Designed to drive TetraGrip subfloor fasteners
  • Dual mode trigger easily switches from single or rapid cycles
  • Metal exhaust cap for maximum durability
  • Cushioned grip for all-day comfort
  • Tool-free depth of drive adjustment for instant changes to nail depth

TetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastener

Part #650605
Length2 3/8"
CollationPlastic sheet coil

PF237C Pneumatic Coil Nailer

Part #503000
Nail Capacity120 nails (1 coil)
Nail Range2 3/8 x .113 only
Nail TypeTetraGrip™ Subfloor Fastener
Op. Pressure (bar)90-120 (6.2-8.3)

90-day limited on wear parts
6-month limited on magazine parts
1-year limited on housing and cap parts


To learn more about TetraGRIP, and to find ways it can save costs, improve productivity, and increase profitability, sign up for a cost analysis at http://www.paslode.com/cost-analysis/

Additional questions can be directed to Paslode Customer Service at 800-669-5228.

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