F250S-PP Positive Placement® Metal Connector Nailer

F250S-PP Positive Placement® Metal Connector Nailer

The most productive way to install metal straps

  • Fast—3x faster than hand nailing!
  • Accurate—Probing tip targets metal strap hole easily
  • Saves money—Increases productivity, lowers installed cost
  • Durable—Lower maintenance, fewer moving parts than other nailers
  • Saves time—Use with Paslode head-marked nails for easy nail identification!
  • Adjustable depth of drive ensures nail drives flush with hardware
  • Smart Lever™ automatically adjusts nail length
  • Sequential trigger for accurate placement
  • 2-strip magazine, less reloading
  • Soft grip handle, for comfort
  • Includes safety glasses and owner's manual

NAILS: Smooth (heat treated) Brite and Mechanically Galvanized - ICC-ES recognized: ER2126  

Part #500855
Nail Capacity2 strips
Nail Range1-1 1/2"-2 1/2"
Magazine Angle30º
Nail TypeSmooth (heat treated) Brite and Mechanically Galvanized - ICC-ES recognized: ER 2126

Air Req./100 p.s.i.


Op. Pres. p.s.i. (bar)

80-120 (5.5-8.3)
Warranty90-day limited on wear parts, 6 month limited on magazine parts, 1 year limited on housing and cap parts

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Product Reviews

own 2 of these 2 350 framing nail guns, 1 gas fired, 1 gas trim nailer. Love them all. will buy again. Have shot 100,000s of nails thru them. about due to replace. Will be replaced with paslode again. Have wore other brands also.
— Anonymous
cant rebuild this junk. but ok when it works!!! - Anonymous
— Anonymous
— Anonymous

— Anonymous
— Anonymous
every thing we needed
— Anonymous
Great machine. Wouldn't frame a house without one. Pays for itself in reduced labor time on the first house.
— Anonymous
Found one at a pawn shop for 50$ dont think they really knew what it was bought it causei have 2 powermaster framers and thy are great they shoot circles around our dewalt guns -- used it and loved it worth paying 300$ for the only way to put up metal
— Anonymous

— Anonymous
around $250-350 but ive used it foryears and love it, the only way to go
— Anonymous

— Anonymous

— Anonymous
it is awsome :] but how much does it cost
— Anonymous

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